Yugioh September 2013 OCG Banlist

Newly Forbidden:

  • Burner, Dragon Ruler of Sparks
  • Lightning, Dragon Ruler of Drafts
  • Reactan, Dragon Ruler of Pebbles
  • Stream, Dragon Ruler of Droplets
  • Spellbook of Judgment

Newly Limited:

  • Genex Ally Birdman
  • Wind-Up Shark
  • Mermail Abyssteus
  • Brotherhood of the Fire Fist – Rooster
  • Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier
  • Number 11: Big Eye
  • Divine Wind of Mist Valley
  • Super Rejuvenation
  • Abyss-sphere

Newly Semi-Limited:

  • Chaos Sorcerer
  • Gladiator Beast Bestiari
  • Gorz the Emissary of Darkness
  • Neo-Spacian Grand Mole
  • Fire Formation – Tenki
  • Black Whirlwind

Newly Unlimited:

  • Tsukuyomi
  • Wind-Up Magician
  • Advanced Ritual Art
  • E – Emergency Call
  • Pot of Duality
  • Scapegoat
  • Reasoning
  • Mirror Force



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Author: cyberknight8610

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  1. Best ban list in years.

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  2. I’m happy that Drulers got hit pretty hard. I’m not looking forward to 2 gorz, and 3 mirror force however. And as a new fire fist player irl, tenki… :c

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  3. Hitting hard E-Rulers a lil unfair, since is the only deck who was hit more than once, evilswarn ophion is gonna keep being a pain in the ass, they limited big eye but im gonna bet sooner or later is gonna get ban

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    • E-rulers will still be a good deck sept 2013 without the mini’s and rev at 1 if you think their dead your in for a rude awakening.

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      • They’re dead. Sorry.

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  4. as problematic as it was banning judgement like like wasn’t right, simply knocking spellbook magician to one, judgement to one, secrets to two or fate to one would of been more than enough to clam it down. It have it’s one good boom then it’s done, the remaining trick would be settled by an mst or two easily, plus to the best of my memory jowegn was the problem in that equation.

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    • the other cards arent broken at 3. Judgement is whats broken konami never hits around whats actually broken.

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      • No. I meant placing any spellbook card at more than 0 would be pointless. It is either Ban or don’t ban.

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    • Spellbook decks are all about reusing and searching for cards. Placing any spellbook card at 1 would be pointless.

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  5. Mirror force unlimited wooo X3

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  6. Not surprised that Number 11 Big Eye is limited his effect is so broken

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    • he should be banned, if they are going to ban change of heart that gives your opponents card back at the end of the turn, ban a card that can take a card and keep it, not only once but TWICE.

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      • One requires you to give up two level 7 monsters and the other card requires you activate a free spell card. So comparing the two isn’t exactly fair. And nobody even gives the monster back with Change they always do something so that they don’t have to.

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        • It doesn’t matter if they don’t give the monster back at least it’s gone. With big eyes it’s too broken you can’t use the argument oh it needs 2 lvl 7 so it’s more fair than change of heart, no just no it is not just because you use 2 lvl 7s doesn’t mean you should get to keep your opponents monster forever goto guardian is more fair than big eye and they banned him so no big I should be banned

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          • Well it is not and also it is fair compared to change of heart. At least with big eye you need two level 7’s. With change of heart you can use it in any deck. So there you go.

          • Fine compared to change of heart its fair, but they banned goyo guardian for no reason then if they are going to keep big eye, goyo guardian is way more fair due to the fact you can only kill monsters with so much attack where as big eye can take ANY monster forever. So if they banned goyo guardian they should ban big eye, or unban guardian. And as for the “its not” statement the TCG banlist is not out yet smart guy so it has a possibility, all I am saying is they should for the TCG.

      • Big Eye is going to be impractical once again now that Dragons took such a hit. Explain to me how Big Eye is more practical than Change of Heart? Mind control and enemy controller are now more useful than Big Eye

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        • Go read the rest of the comments dude, if you’re trying to make a point of change of heart not being more practical then change of heart to show off its already been done, I picked the wrong card to compare but I fixed my mistake excuse me sir. now kindly shut the hell up

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          • We posted at the same time, nooblet.
            Nice attempt at a save though.

          • Dude get over yourself and quit being a dick it’s the Internet you’re wasting your time

          • No I’m not. I find nooblets entertaining. It is no more a waste of time than going to the movies or holding a tournament in my shop. Lot’s of fun. Keep entertaining me, puppet,

          • bahahaha this guy, yea its a waste of time because im done replying to your childish comments after this, so please do proceed to reply and respond to this and prove how immature you are

          • Pretty immature ^_^ But I am a gamer, so it is to be expected.

        • big eye is still practical because any elemental deck that runs atleast 1 other level 7 can make it rather easily. abyssmegalo/leed/teus/tidal for mermail, machina fortress/redox for machines, pet dragon/chaneller/tempest for harpies, heck my zombie world deck can make it with redox and red-eyes zombie dragon

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          • That doesn’t explain how it is MORE practical. All those decks existed before the ban list. Some were even hurt by it. Abyss was hit bad.

          • i never said it was more practical i was just saying it isn’t hard to make,aside all mermail lost was some consistency in searching and 2 of three divas which is recyclable.

      • But this card is not a spell this card takes work I mean what deck besides e drags can get big eye whenver they want..?

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  7. Seems about right
    EVILSWARMS DID NOT GET HIM BECAUSE ophion was only a broken card in THIS format with dragon rulers, konami also needed a way to counter the new synchros that were coming out
    Dragon Rulers lost all speed and are now splash cards which is what konami wanted in the first place
    Prophecy lost judgment make sense now they go back to the way they were before LTGY but got world support
    that’s about it guys

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  8. I’m very happy with this list

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  9. Tenki at 2 hurts my Constellars :(

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  10. Aww man some of the mermail is still playing I wanted to be banned so u can crush them with my fire king XD

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  11. Well mermail kill my fire king so Idc -_-

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  12. The Mirror at 3 doesnt really matter, I like the no babys and no Judgement.

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  13. Woohoo now i can use 2 gorz for my inzektors deck

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  14. I love that fairies never get hit but get better!! Loving the new ban list!!! :)

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    • Btw I know they got hit in the past.

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  16. Why you bring back trishula………!!! Now i will never see my T.G. Striker at 3 ;(.

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  17. Official yugioh banlist is out this format is a slow format…

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  18. The point of a card game is to play the cards, therefore, I feel that any card that is made should be allowed to be played in any deck. If Konami is concerned with certain combos such as the chaos-yata lock, then they should make a rule saying that certain cards can’t be in the same deck.
    Some cards should be limited and semi-limited because of their extreme game-changing power, but never completely banned from serious play.

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  19. NOOOO!!!! My precious Dragon Ruler Deck!!! Now it was slow as snail!!!

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