Yugioh Samurai Assault Special Edition

Release Date: 12/06/11

It will cost $10

The way of the Samurai meant Victory for many in the Duelist World and Konami wants consumers to have access to jump starting efforts to building this powerful new deck style. Usually targeted at year end, Konami produces a Special Pack offering contents focused around the strongest deck of that format. After the enormous release of Storm of Ragnarok earlier in 2011, here we see the Samurai Assault SE that contains the following:

Each box of Samurai Assault will contain 1 pack of Strike of Neos, 1 pack of Crimson Crisis, 1 Pack of Storm of Ragnarok, and Elder of the Six Samurai!!!

Author: cyberknight8610

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  1. Ohhhhh :3 I can’t wait for it to come out :D

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  2. Supposedly Pojo (where the rumor was first from) claimed that the promo is Elder of the Six Samurai.

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  3. If the Promo was ShiEn, they would die

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  4. Awesome that they will have strike of neos, crimson crisis, along with a storm of ragnarok!! The fist two have some interesting cards!!

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  5. it sucks about the promo being elder :(

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  6. Well this is depressing. The packs are bad and the Promo does not make up for it. Elder is trash…

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  7. im sorry but i just think this is a money grabber like if they made like just packs that had just Six Sams then i would be all for it but its stupid please guys dont waste ur money on it

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  8. Elder is not trash; with “asceticism of the six samuari” it becomes an easier method of summoning a three and two star monster on the field. NOT ONLY that, but unlike kageki, you cant veiler it to stop kagamusha from entering the field. so either go into a five…..or if you so happen to have that kageki, go kageki, eff, ss elder, ascetism ss kagamusha, then synch for an 8
    just like that sams went from a 5-6 with trish option heavy synrcho deck, to an “i can synch into whatever the heck i want to” synching-like-crazy deck
    so having a super rare elder is cool with me
    but honestly, i dont get the crimson crisis bit
    2 Stors and a Neos would be a much better sam package if you ask me

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