Yugioh Pendulum Evolution Pack (TCG)

Release Date: June 23 2017

Magicians with the might of dragons! Sorcerers that defy the laws of nature! Witness the magnificent and mystifying results of Pendulum Summoning’s final evolution! Following on from Maximum Crisis, Pendulum Evolution features powerful new Pendulum Monsters that can either stand on their own or in the service of that dreaded dragon, the Dominator of Dimensions itself, Supreme King Z-ARC!

• All-foil set, each pack includes a mix of Ultra Rare and Super Rare cards.
• Compatible with the Pendulum Monsters you already own, but specially crafted to take advantage of Maximum Crisis.
• Includes a pair of super-powered Sorcerers that are easy to Summon and give a faster, easier way to bring out Supreme King Z-ARC (from Maximum Crisis).
• New “Magician” monsters that excel at disappearing acts, providing useful effects when destroyed before moving to your Extra Deck to be Pendulum Summoned back for the grand finale!
• Features several new cards plus dozens of the most popular cards from the Pendulum Monster era of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V animated TV series.


Author: cyberknight8610

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  • night shroud96

    They can’t do that…. they can’t just turn a Structure Deck in the OCG into a flipping Booster Pack Set in the TCG..!! THEY CAN’T DO THAT..
    I was hoping for the deck so I can play with the 4 Heavenly Dragon cards but now that is RUINED… ;_;

  • Kayode Abiodun Oniru

    are they fucking kidin?!!! i was waiting specifically for this structure deck and now they are turning it into a set which is gonna cost around 60 pounds the fuck im i supposed to do now? also the ocg still have this as a structure deck that is BULLSHIT

    • night shroud96

      I saved some Christmas money for the structure deck but now I can’t…