Yugioh Memories of the Duel King – Duelist Kingdom Compilation

Release Date: March 8th

This confirms that there will be 15 URs in the deck, four of which are revealed to be Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Exodia the Forbidden One, and Monster Reborn. In addition, this confirms that the special card it talked about in the Weekly Jump is a brand new card from the anime.

15th Anniversary Commemoration Item

Yu-Gi-Oh Official Card Game Duel Monsters

  • -41 card deck
  • -55 sleeves
  • -Storage case
  • -2 Promos
  • -1 15th Anniversary Token
  • -1 “Archive”
Overseas version will have 3 kind of decks, each with 2 special cards (1 of them always being “Osiris the Sky Dragon”) and either “Electromagnetic Turtle”, “Dark Renewal” or “Bond between Teacher and Student”. Also, including a “Kingdom” collector card.

Electromagnetic Turtle

During your opponent’s battle phase; Banish this card from your Graveyard: End that Battle Phase. You can only activate the effect of “Electromagnetic Turtle” once per Duel.


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