Yugioh Extreme Victory Exclusives (TCG)

TCG Exclusives:

  • EVCX-EN000
  • EVCX-EN08? Psi-Beast
  • EVCX-EN08? Reborn Tengu
  • EVCX-EN08? Tour Guide From the Underworld
  • EVCX-EN08? Nordic Card
  • EVCX-EN08?
  • EVCX-EN086 Gladiator Beast Essedari
  • EVCX-EN08?
  • EVCX-EN08?
  • EVCX-EN089 Psychic Shocwave

Gladiator Beast Essedari
Earth/??? – Fusion/Effect/2500/????
2 Gladiator Beast Monsters (???)
This card can only be Special Summoned from your Extra Deck by returning the above cards you control to the Deck. (You do not use “Polymerization”.)???

Psychic Shocwave
Normal Trap

OCG Exclusives:

  • EVCX-EN09? Elemental Hero Neos Knight
  • EVCX-EN09? Meklord Emperor Wisel
  • EVCX-EN09? Meklord Emperor Grannel
  • EVCX-EN09?
  • EVCX-EN094 Meklord Emperor Skiel
  • EVCX-EN09?
  • EVCX-EN09?
  • EVCX-EN097 Scrap Orthos
  • EVCX-EN09?
  • EVCX-EN099 Blue Rose Dragon

Blue Rose Dragon
When this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, you can Special Summon 1 Black Rose Dragon or Plant-Type monster from your Graveyard.

Machine Emperor Skiel Infinity
WIND/Machine – Effect/1/2200/2200
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card cannot be Special Summoned except from your hand when a face-up monster you control is destroyed by a card effect and sent to the Graveyard. Once per turn, you can equip 1 face-up Synchro Monster your opponent controls to this card. This card gains ATK equal to the combined ATK of all Synchro Monsters equipped to this card by its own effect. Other monsters you control cannot declare an attack. Also, you can send 1 Monster equipped to this card to the Graveyard. If you do, this card can attack your opponent directly this turn.

Scrap Orthos
Earth/Beast – Tuner/4/1700/1100
This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. If you control a face-up Scrap monster, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. If you do, select 1 face-up Scrap monster you control and destroy it. If this card is destroyed by the effect of a Scrap card and sent to the Graveyard, you can select 1 Scrap monster in your Graveyard, except Scrap Orthros, and add it to your hand.

Elemental Hero Neos Knight
LIGHT/Warrior – Fusion – Effect/7/2500/2000
1 “Elemental Hero Neos” + 1 Warrior-Type monster
This card cannot be Special Summoned except by Fusion Summon. This card’s ATK increases by half the ATK of the Fusion Material Monster that isn’t “Elemental Hero Neos”. This card can attack twice during each Battle Phase. When this card battles, any Battle Damage to your opponent becomes 0.

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