Yugioh Arc-V Pendulum Summons

New form of Summoning and Dueling!

Pendulum Summon!

“The Child of the Stars” is a keyword for this type of summoning!

It requires 2 monsters!

And monsters with brand new types of effects will appear!?

The white monster next to Yuya is captioned with “The Magician who Reads Stars” and the black one is “The Magician who Reads Time”.

Following on the footsteps of “5D’s Riding Duel” “Zexal’s AR Duel”, is the brand new “Action Duel” of “Arc-V”!

Action Duel is something that is done by generating these “touchable solid visions”! These solid visions surround the entire field and the Duel takes place in the entire area.

The new starter deck on sale on March 21st as reported on before is confirmed to allow you to perform Pendulum Summons. The Download Code it comes with teaches you how to perform the summon.


Author: cyberknight8610

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  1. Hmmm it’s possibly gonna be around time (meaning of pendulum btw) so many it means the certain monster is only out for a certain amount of turns for example 1level6+ 1level 4 = 1 level 10 that’s out for ten turns so maybe this will be a time summoning

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    • only pendulum doesn’t mean time because it is a object. A pendulum is a weight suspended from a pivot so that it can swing freely.

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  2. i think that the monters will each have 0 atk but for each turn they were on the field they will gain a certain amount of attack depnding on how long they last

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  3. Pendulum Summons work as follows:

    You place two Pendulum Monsters in the new Pendulum Zone. Each Pendulum monster has a Red number and a Blue number.
    Once per turn, you can Special Summon a Pendulum monster from your hand or a Pendulum monster in your Extra Deck whose level is between the Blue number of the Pendulum Monster in your left Pendulum Zone and the red number of the Pendulum monster in your right Pendulum Zone.

    When destroyed on the field, Pendulum Monsters are returned to the Extra Deck

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  4. i would like to follow up with Aejan and say after they go into the extra deck the can be pendulum summoned but as a monster

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