Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL Clash! Duel Carnival!

Release Date: Winter, 2013

  • Contains more than 40 characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime, including: Yuma Tsukumo, Astral,Reginald Kastle, Kite Tenjo, Hart Tenjo, Tori Meadows,Cathy Katherine, Bronk Stone, Caswell Francis, Flip Turner, Anna Kaboom, Lilly, Dextra, Nistro, Trey,Quattro, Quinton, Vetrix, Dr. Faker, Number 96, Nelson Andrews, Mrs. Andrews, Roku, Kaze, Mr. Heartland,Orbital 7, Charlie McCay, Striker, Cody Callus, Tombo Tillbitty, Cameron Clix, Pip, Kazuma Tsukumo, Kari Tsukumo, Sanagi Chono, Girag, Alito, Mizael, Dumon, and Vector.
  • Each character from the show is playable and has their own role and story within the game.
  • There is a Story Mode and a Free Duel Mode.
  • Contains over 5500 of the latest cards. Goes up to Shadow Specters, Number Hunters, Super Starter: V for Victory, Structure Deck: Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars, Duelist Pack: Kastle Siblings, Jump Festa 2013 – Special Card Pack, V Jump Edition 9, Premium Pack 15, The Valuable Book 16 promotional cards and Extra Pack: Sword of Knights.
  • Like the Tag Force series, includes exclusive cards from the anime.
  • 3 promotional cards owned by Anna Kaboom are included with the game: “Snow Plow Hustle Rustle”, “Night Express Knight” and “Special Schedule”.


Promo Cards:

Snow Plow Hustle Rustle

When an opponent’s monster declares a direct attack while you control a card in your Spell & Trap Card Zone: You can Special Summon this card from your hand, then destroy all cards in your Spell & Trap Card Zone, and if you do, inflict 200 damage to your opponent for each. You cannot Special Summon any monsters, except Machine-Type monsters.

Night Express Knight

You can Normal Summon this card without Tributing, but its original ATK becomes 0.


Special Schedule

Target 1 Machine-Type monster with 3000 or more ATK in your Graveyard; Special Summon that target in face-up Defense Position. You can only activate 1 “Special Schedule” per turn. If this Set card is sent to the Graveyard: You can target 1 Level 10 Machine-Type monster in your Graveyard; add it to your hand.

Author: cyberknight8610

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