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It looks like Konami will have it’s own online dueling simulator. It seems similar to older Yugioh games like on the GBA. Also it looks like it will currently be TCG only.

ygo menu

Menu Options

  • Single Play- It’s basically an option to duel against the computer and unlock prizes.
  • Arena- You can duel against other players.
  • Partner Recruiting- This option will allow you to randomly receive a deck of cards to use in a duel.
  • Tutorial- This option will teach you the game.
  • Deck Edit- You can edit your deck of cards here.
  • Shop- You can buy packs of cards here up to LEGACY OF THE VALIANT. Looks like it could cost money to buy packs faster in the future.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Arena Shop

store ygo



Using Duel Points I bought a LEGACY OF THE VALIANT to show off the feature, here are the pack results (It shows an animation but I can’t show that in a picture)-

packs ygo

Author: cyberknight8610

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