Winning Leopard Championship Deck in Japan

Deck: Blackfeather/Blackwings



1x Dark Armed Dragon

1x D.D Crow

1x Blackfeather – Vayu The Big Flag

3x Blackfeather  – Shura the Blue Flame

1x Blackfeather – Gale of the Hurricane

3x Blackfeather  – Blast the Black Lance

3x Blackfeather –  Qual’at of the Moonlight

3x Blackfeather – Blizzard of the North Pole

3x Blackfeather – Sirocco the Dawn

SPELLS: (10)

1x Monster Reborn

1x Black Whirlwind

2x Book Of moon

2x Pot of Greederosity

1x Allure of Darkness

1x Giant Trunade

2x Mystical Space Typhoon

TRAPS: (11)

1x Deck Devastation Virus

2x Bottomless Trap Hole

1x Mirror Force

1x Solemn Judgement

1x Dimensional Prison

1x  Royal Oppression

1x Delta Crow – Anti Reverse

3x Icarus Attack

Author: cyberknight8610

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