Three more Cards Revealed on Twitter (OCG)

Three more cards have been revealed on the Official Yugioh OCG twitter account. The last one is more of a reprint though…

reject reborn

Reject Reborn

Normal Trap Card

When an opponent’s monster declares a direct attack: End the Battle Phase, then you can Special Summon 1 Tuner monster and 1 Synchro Monster from your Graveyard, but their effects are negated.
dragon bind

Dragon’s Bind

Continuous Trap Card

Activate this card by targeting 1 Dragon-Type monster you control with 2500 or less ATK and DEF. Neither player can Special Summon monsters with ATK lower than or equal to that target’s original ATK. When that monster leaves the field, destroy this card.


Mathematician in the Descend of the True Emperor Structure Deck

Author: cyberknight8610

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