TCG Banlist November 2015

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Apoqliphort Towers
Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz
El Shaddoll Construct
Evilswarm Exciton Knight

Qliphort Scout
Graff, Malebranch of the Burning Abyss
Nekroz of Brionac
Nekroz of Unicore
Ritual Beast Ulti-Cannahawk
El Shaddoll Fusion
Reinforcement of the Army

Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss

Chaos Sorcerer
Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En
Spellbook of Fate


Author: cyberknight8610

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  • Sumdz

    Fucking bullshit

  • Liam B Krnr

    man am I glad I traded exciton already
    Also Shadolls were hit bad… HA!
    I have my new deck ready due to nothing wrong with it

  • brodude

    They need to limit spellbook of judgement to 1 🙂

  • emcdonald75

    There has to be a way to make Shaddolls work again even after the ban list.

  • emcdonald75

    I have been experimenting. Someone wants me to use graydles and shaddolls together. I am still learning about graydle monsters.

  • emcdonald75

    19 Monsters

    3x Shaddoll Falco

    3x Shaddoll Squamata

    3x Shaddoll Hedgehog

    2x Shaddoll Beast

    2x Shaddoll Dragon

    2x Electromagnetic Turtle

    1x Peropero Cerperus

    1x Thunder King Rai-Oh

    1x Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning

    1x Mathematician

    11 Spells

    3x Shaddoll Fusion

    2x Dark Hole

    1x El Shaddoll Fusion

    1x Instant Fusion

    1x Book of Moon

    1x Foolish Burial

    1x Soul Charge

    1x Raigeki

    11 Traps

    3x Sinister Shadow Games

    2x Fiendish Chain

    2x Shaddoll Core

    1x Ring of Destruction

    1x Bottomless Trap Hole

    1x Torrential Tribute

    1x Compulsory Evacuation Device

    Extra Deck

    El Shaddoll Anoyatyllis

    El Shaddoll Grysta

    2x El Shaddoll Winda

    2x El Shaddoll Shekhinaga

    Elder Entity Norden

    2x Blackwing Nothung the Starlight

    Goyo Guardian

    Black Rose Dragon

    Star Eater

    Dark XYZ Dragon

    Number 61 Volcasaurus

    Pilgrim Reaper

  • emcdonald75

    What do you think?