Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown!

Release Date: July 11th 2014

Designed to teach new Duelists how to Duel with friends with a 40-card pre-built Deck right out of the box, Duelists can then upgrade and build their Deck out further with two randomized Power-Up Packs containing additional cards.

Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown also gives Duelists an exclusive first look at the newest game mechanic, Pendulum Monsters, an innovative new monster type that blurs the line between Monsters and Spells! Pendulum Monsters can be summoned as regular Monster cards to attack or defend, or you can activate them as Spell Cards in new Pendulum Zones to activate extra special abilities and allow Duelists to Pendulum Summon!

Super Starter:Space-Time Showdown is the only product for Duelists to get their hands on these awesome new monsters before they’re unleashed with the release of the upcoming August booster, Duelist Alliance.

In addition to 14 brand new cards in every Deck, each Power-Up Pack comes with 5 cards of a 15-card set, including two guaranteed Ultra Rare cards, Dark Hole and Odd-Eyes Dragon.

Each Starter Deck contains:

  • 38 Common cards
  • 2 Super Rare cards
  • 1 Beginner’s Guide
  • 1 Game Mat
  • Power-Up Packs (each with 5 cards from a 15-card set)


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Monster Cards:

  • Wattaildragon
  • Luster Dragon
  • Hunter Dragon
  • Millennium Shield
  • Dark Blade
  • Warrior Dai Grepher
  • Chamberlain of the Six Samurai
  • Mystical Elf
  • Stargazer Magician
  • Timegazer Magician
  • Aether the Empowering Dragon
  • Ventdra the Empowered Warrior
  • Arnis the Empowered Warrior
  • Terra the Empowered Warrior
  • Hydrotortoise the Empowered Warrior
  • Golden Dragon Summoner
  • Blue Dragon Summoner
  • Red Sparrow Summoner
  • White Tiger Summoner
  • Green Turtle Summoner

Spell Cards:

  • Sorcerous Spell Wall
  • Supply Squad
  • Lightning Vortex
  • Mystical Space Typhoon
  • Ego Boost
  • Axe of Despair
  • Lucky Iron Axe
  • Monster Reincarnation
  • Dark Factory of Mass Production

Trap Cards:

  • Trap Hole
  • Sakuretsu Armor
  • Raigeki Break
  • Dust Tornado
  • Shadow Spell
  • A Hero Emerges
  • Soul Resurrection
  • Jar of Greed
  • Magic Jammer
  • Seven Tools of the Bandit

Rule changes:

Field Spell Cards:
“These Spells go in your Field Zone and stay there. Each player can have 1 Field Spell Card on their own side of the field. To use another Field Spell, send your previous one to the Graveyard. Many Field Spell effects apply to BOTH players.”

No draw on the first turn:
“Now draw your top 5 cards – this is your starting hand. Each player draws a card at the beginning of the turn, except for the first player’s first turn. You can play cards from your hand only during your turn.”


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Author: cyberknight8610

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