Shonen Jump Cancelled?


 Shoen Jump announced at New York Comic Con that that will start having a digital version of Shonen Jump called Shonen Jump Alpha.  Shonen Jump Alpha will be released on January 30, 2012. This mean that you can read the magazine on and Viz Manga apps for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.  An annual membership will cost US$25.99 for 48 weekly issues. Single issues will cost US$0.99 for a four-week rental. Any issue on one device can be read on another device with the same user account via or the Viz Manga app.

After Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha launches, Viz Media plans to stop publishing the print edition of the Shonen Jump magazine next March with the “farewell April 2012 issue.” Viz has been publishing the monthly magazine since 2003.

With this happening everyone is wondering what will become of new years subscription promos and magazine promos. There is no news on what they plan to do with future yugioh promos but I will keep checking on this and contact Shonen Jump.

MORE INFO (10-21-11)

I sent an email asking Shonen Jump, “With Shonen Jump magazine cancelling in April, what will happen to the future Yugioh card promos?”

They replied with, ” The home office has advised if you renew now up until January 30th you will receive Shooting Quasar Dragon and Sephylon, the Ultimate Time Lord Yu-Gi-Oh! card subscription pack. We have not announced whether subscription premiums will be offered after January 30, 2012.

Author: cyberknight8610

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