Shining Victories Sneak Preview Promo & Playmat

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Sneak Peek: April 30th / May 1st

“The saga of the Blue-Eyes continues in Shining Victories! This brand-new core booster marks the return of Blue-Eyes White Dragon and a plethora of specially crafted “Blue-Eyes” monsters and support cards to help crush non-believers of Kaiba!”

“Shining Victories also introduces a few new themes to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME universe such as Lunalight, Digital Bug, and the devastating Amorphage Dragons, the living embodiments of the seven deadly sins! These powerful Dragons can disrupt the pendulum playing field and tip the scale of victory!”

“Participating stores will be randomly handing out exclusive Shining Victories Game Mats at the Sneak Peek, either as door prizes, through drawings, or by winning a tournament (check with your participating store for details). Plus, everybody will receive a limited edition, Ultra Rare Magical Cavalry of Cxulub card, 5 booster packs, and a mini-poster! Supplies are limited, so show up early and don’t get left out!”

Magical Cavalry of Cxulub

shining sneak preview

Level 4 EARTH Dinosaur-Type Pendulum Effect Monster
Pendulum Scale: 3
Pendulum Effect:
Monster Effect:
This card is unaffected by monsters’ activated effects, except Pendulum Monsters.



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