Return of the Duelist (OCG)

Release Date- April 14th 2012 (Japan)

5 cards per pack, 30 packs per box

80 cards in the set:

  • 5 Ultra Rare cards
  • 9 Super Rare cards
  • 18 Rare cards
  • 44 Normal cards
  • 4 Normal Rare cards (Short Printed)
Cover Card is:
Heroic Champion Excalibur
2 Level 4 Warrior-Type monsters
Once per turn: You can detach 2 Xyz Materials from this card; until your opponent’s next End Phase, this card’s original ATK is doubled.
Card List / Spoiler
  • REDU-JP001 Magic Swordsman Trans  (Rare)
  • REDU-JP002 Damage Mage
  • REDU-JP003 ZW – Phoenix Bow  (Rare)
  • REDU-JP004 Photon Kaiser
  • REDU-JP005 Heroic Challenger Spartas
  • REDU-JP006 Heroic Challenger Warhammer
  • REDU-JP007 Heroic Challenger Sword Shield
  • REDU-JP008 Heroic Challenger Double Lance  (Rare)
  • REDU-JP009 OOPArts Mayan Machine
  • REDU-JP010 OOPArts Colossal Head
  • REDU-JP011 OOPArts Golden Shuttle
  • REDU-JP012 OOPArts Crystal Bone  (Rare)
  • REDU-JP013 OOPArts Crystal Skull
  • REDU-JP014 OOPArts Moai
  • REDU-JP015 Magical Calligrapher Batel  (Super Rare)
  • REDU-JP016 Magical Archer Lamour
  • REDU-JP017 Magical Summoner Temper  (Rare)
  • REDU-JP018 Magical Warrior Fors
  • REDU-JP019 Magical Swordsman Shario
  • REDU-JP020 Magical Erudite Junon  (Super Rare)
  • REDU-JP021 Madolche Mille-feuille
  • REDU-JP022 Madolche Mouple
  • REDU-JP023 Madolche Chouxvalier
  • REDU-JP024 Madolche Majoleine  (Rare)
  • REDU-JP025 Madolche Butlerusk
  • REDU-JP026 Madolche Puddingcess  (Super Rare)
  • REDU-JP027 Geargiano MK-II
  • REDU-JP028 Geargiaccel
  • REDU-JP029 Geargiarsenal
  • REDU-JP030 Geargiarmor  (Rare)
  • REDU-JP031 Unifolia, Holy Beast of the Forest
  • REDU-JP032 Little Trooper
  • REDU-JP033 Silvery Snow Sniper
  • REDU-JP034 Sandcloud Knight  (Rare)
  • REDU-JP035 Block Golem
  • REDU-JP036 Atlantean Assaultman
  • REDU-JP037 Illusion Snatch  (Rare)
  • REDU-JP038 Earth Spirit God – Grand Soil  (Super Rare)
  • REDU-JP039 Three Thousand Needles  (Normal Rare)
  • REDU-JP040 Goblin Marauding Force  (Normal Rare)
  • REDU-JP041 Heroic Champion – Excalibur  (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare/Holographic Rare)
  • REDU-JP042 OOPArts Crystal Alien  (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
  • REDU-JP043 Number 33: OOPArts Super Weapon – Machu Mach  (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
  • REDU-JP044 Super Dimensional Robo Galaxy Destroyer  (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
  • REDU-JP045 Magical Hierophant Hieron  (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
  • REDU-JP046 Geargiganto X  (Super Rare)
  • REDU-JP047 Alchemic Magician  (Super Rare)
  • REDU-JP048 Giant God of the Silvery Mountain  (Super Rare)
  • REDU-JP049 Fairy King Alverd (Rare)
  • REDU-JP050 Sword Breaker (Rare)
  • REDU-JP051 Gagagarevenge (Super Rare)
  • REDU-JP052 Overlay Regenerate (Rare)
  • REDU-JP053 Heroic Chance
  • REDU-JP054 OOPArts Technology
  • REDU-JP055 OOPArts Pyramid Eye Tablet
  • REDU-JP056 Galaxy Queen’s Light  (Rare)
  • REDU-JP057 Grim Book of Spell  (Rare)
  • REDU-JP058 Hygro Book of Spell
  • REDU-JP059 Necro Book of Spell
  • REDU-JP060 Torah Book of Spell
  • REDU-JP061 Madolche Château
  • REDU-JP062 Doggy!?
  • REDU-JP063 Generation Force  (Rare)
  • REDU-JP064 Rock Launch Area
  • REDU-JP065 Cold Snap  (Normal Rare)
  • REDU-JP066 Attack Invulnerability
  • REDU-JP067 Gagagarush  (Rare)
  • REDU-JP068 Heroic Revenge Sword
  • REDU-JP069 Stonehenge Method
  • REDU-JP070 Madolche Manner
  • REDU-JP071 Madolche Waltz
  • REDU-JP072 Madolche Tea Break
  • REDU-JP073 Xyz Soul
  • REDU-JP074 Compulsory Withdrawal Device  (Rare)
  • REDU-JP075 Sudden Reversal
  • REDU-JP076 Void Trap Hole  (Super Rare)
  • REDU-JP077 Three Card
  • REDU-JP078 Soul Drain  (Rare)
  • REDU-JP079 Re-Bound
  • REDU-JP080 Lucky Punch  (Normal Rare)

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