Order of Chaos (OCG)

Release: November 19 2011 (In Japan)

5 cards per pack, 30 packs per box

80 cards in the set:

  • 5 Ultra Rare cards
  • 9 Super Rare cards
  • 18 Rare cards
  • 44 Normal cards
  • 4 Normal Rare cards (Short Printed)

Cover Card is- CNo.39, Aspiring Emperor Hope Ray

Chaos Number 39: Utopia Ray


3 Level 4 LIGHT monsters
You can Xyz Summon this card (from the Extra Deck) by attaching 1face-up “Number 39: Utopia” you control and all of its Xyz Material(if any) to this card as Xyz Material. If you have 1000 Life Points or less: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card to target 1 monster your opponent controls; until the End Phase, this card gains 500 ATK and that target loses 1000 ATK.

Card List/ Spoiler-

  • ORCS-JP001 Kuribolt
  • ORCS-JP002 Darklon
  • ORCS-JP003 Gagaga Girl  (Super Rare)
  • ORCS-JP004 Gogogo Giant  (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP005 Zexal Weapon – Unicorn King Spear  (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP006 Sharktopus
  • ORCS-JP007 Photon Lizard  (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP008 Photon Slasher  (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP009 Photon Crusher
  • ORCS-JP010 Photon Leo
  • ORCS-JP011 Photon Circler
  • ORCS-JP012 Reverse Buster  (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP013 Armored Ninja Flame
  • ORCS-JP014 Armored Ninja Air
  • ORCS-JP015 Armored Ninja Aqua
  • ORCS-JP016 Armored Ninja Earth
  • ORCS-JP017 Inzecter Hornet  (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP018 Inzecter Ameise
  • ORCS-JP019 Inzecter Centipede
  • ORCS-JP020 Inzecter Damsel  (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP021 Inzecter Gigamantis  (Super Rare)
  • ORCS-JP022 Inzecter Gigaweevil
  • ORCS-JP023 Wind-Up Rat  (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP024 Wind-Up Honey
  • ORCS-JP025 Evoltile Pleuros
  • ORCS-JP026 Evoltile Casineria  (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP027 Evolsaur Elias
  • ORCS-JP028 Evolsaur Terias
  • ORCS-JP029 Ninja Master Hanzo  (Super Rare)
  • ORCS-JP030 Masked Ninja Ebisu
  • ORCS-JP031 Gold Ninja
  • ORCS-JP032 Predicting Monk Cho-Len
  • ORCS-JP033 Familiar-Possessed – Dharc
  • ORCS-JP034 Dark Blade, Head Soldier of the Dark Demon World  (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP035 Trans Archfiend  (Normal Rare)
  • ORCS-JP036 Divine Dragon Apocalypse
  • ORCS-JP037 Darkstorm Dragon  (Super Rare)
  • ORCS-JP038 The Turtle that once will be called God  (Normal Rare)
  • ORCS-JP039 Twin Photon Lizard  (Super Rare)
  • ORCS-JP040 Chaos Number 39: Utopia Ray  (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare/Holographic Rare)
  • ORCS-JP041 Armored Ninja Blade Heart  (Super Rare)
  • ORCS-JP042 Number 12: Armored Ninja – Crimson Shadow  (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
  • ORCS-JP043 Number 96: Black Mist  (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
  • ORCS-JP044 Wind-Up Zenmaighty  (Super Rare)
  • ORCS-JP045 Evolzar Soldde (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
  • ORCS-JP046 Inzecter Exabeetle  (Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare)
  • ORCS-JP047 Blow with All One’s Might
  • ORCS-JP048 Gagaga Bolt (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP049 Double Defender
  • ORCS-JP050 Galaxy Storm
  • ORCS-JP051 Armored Ninjitsu Art: Gold Conversion
  • ORCS-JP052 Wish Upon a Star
  • ORCS-JP053 Armor Blast (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP054 Inzecter’s Cursed Sword Zect-Calibur
  • ORCS-JP055 Swinging Spring Scales
  • ORCS-JP056 Primordial Soup
  • ORCS-JP057 Forced Evolution  (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP058 Dark Genocide Cutter
  • ORCS-JP059 Creeping Darkness (Super Rare)
  • ORCS-JP060 Altar of Mist Valley (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP061 Xyz Burst
  • ORCS-JP062 Galaxy Wave
  • ORCS-JP063 Dicyclone  (Normal Rare)
  • ORCS-JP064 Resilience
  • ORCS-JP065 Gagaga Guard  (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP066 Xyz Reflect
  • ORCS-JP067 Splash Capture
  • ORCS-JP068 Armored Ninjitsu Art: Freeze Lock
  • ORCS-JP069 Armored Ninjitsu Art: Rust Mist
  • ORCS-JP070 Inzecter’s Orb
  • ORCS-JP071 Variable Form
  • ORCS-JP072 Spiral Spring
  • ORCS-JP073 Compulsory Degeneration
  • ORCS-JP074 Junction of Evolution
  • ORCS-JP075 Ninjitsu Art of Super Transformation (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP076 Xyz Reborn  (Super Rare)
  • ORCS-JP077 Weight Over  (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP078 Huge Revolution Reversal  (Normal Rare)
  • ORCS-JP079 Royal Prison (Rare)
  • ORCS-JP080 Sealing Ceremony of Katon

Author: cyberknight8610

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