Next VJump Promo: Priestess with Eyes of Blue

Priestess with Eyes of Blue

The next V-Jump Promo will be Priestess with Eyes of Blue. We don’t have the effect or image of the card yet but, they say she will help you summon Blue-Eyes White Dragon as fast as possible.

We should have the effect and card image next month!


Author: cyberknight8610

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  • Hayden Bennett

    I’m curious as to how she’ll summon blue-eyes “as fast as possible” in the current meta. And PLEASE don’t be a pendulum… or a trigger effect like maiden

    • Shonen Hikada

      Tribute this card. Special Summon 1 BEWD from your deck, banish zone or graveyard ?

  • Kazuto Kirito Kirigaya

    I dont like that we are getting new stuff for Blue Eyes, like we need more stuff for Dark Magician. All he’s getting is a Dark Illusion

  • Kyle R. Upton

    When will this card be released for TCG?