Gold Series 4: Pyramids Edition (TCG)


Release: June 21 2011


Gold Series 4 will only be offered for hobby retail­ers and dis­trib­u­tors. This pack will not be avail­able in stores like Wal­mart. Also this Gold Series is said to be improved from the last one and will include an exclu­sive offi­cial Yugioh Playmat!



Card List:

  • GLD4-EN001 Millennium Shield
  • GLD4-EN002 Pendulum Machine
  • GLD4-EN003 The Wicked Worm Beast
  • GLD4-EN004 Goddess with the Third Eye
  • GLD4-EN005 Beastking of the Swamps
  • GLD4-EN006 Versago the Destroyer
  • GLD4-EN007 Morphing Jar (Gold Rare)
  • GLD4-EN008 Goddess of Whim
  • GLD4-EN009 Injection Fairy Lily
  • GLD4-EN010 Gravekeeper’s Spy (Gold Rare)
  • GLD4-EN011 Spirit Reaper (Gold Rare)
  • GLD4-EN012 Chaos Sorcerer (Gold Rare)
  • GLD4-EN013
  • GLD4-EN014 White-Horned Dragon
  • GLD4-EN015 Toon Dark Magician Girl
  • GLD4-EN016 Meltiel, Sage of the Sky
  • GLD4-EN017 Radiant Jeral
  • GLD4-EN018 Diabolos, King of the Abyss
  • GLD4-EN019 Lich Lord, King of the Underworld
  • GLD4-EN020 Prometheus, King of the Shadows
  • GLD4-EN021 Mormolith
  • GLD4-EN022
  • GLD4-EN023 Doomcaliber Knight (Gold Rare)
  • GLD4-EN024
  • GLD4-EN025 Celestia, Lightsworn Angel (Gold Rare)
  • GLD4-EN026
  • GLD4-EN027 Summoner Monk (Gold Rare)
  • GLD4-EN028 Genesis Dragon
  • GLD4-EN029 Orichalcos Shunoros
  • GLD4-EN030 Obelisk the Tormentor (Gold Rare)
  • GLD4-EN031 Five-Headed Dragon (Gold Rare)
  • GLD4-EN032 Gladiator Beast Gyzarus (Gold Rare)
  • GLD4-EN033 Eternal Drought
  • GLD4-EN034 Eradicating Aerosol
  • GLD4-EN035 Soul Exchange
  • GLD4-EN036 Toon World
  • GLD4-EN037 Graceful Dice
  • GLD4-EN038 Sage’s Stone
  • GLD4-EN039 Toon Table of Contents (Gold Rare)
  • GLD4-EN040 Pot of Avarice (Gold Rare)
  • GLD4-EN041
  • GLD4-EN042 Sword of Dark Rites
  • GLD4-EN043 Trade-In
  • GLD4-EN044 Magic Formula
  • GLD4-EN045 Robbin’ Goblin
  • GLD4-EN046 Skull Dice
  • GLD4-EN047 Royal Oppression (Gold Rare)
  • GLD4-EN048 Xing Zhen Hu
  • GLD4-EN049 Deck Devastation Virus
  • GLD4-EN050 Trap Stun (Gold Rare)
  • GLD4-EN0?? Tytannial, Princess of Camellias (Gold Rare)
  • GLD4-EN0?? Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning (Gold Rare)
  • GLD4-EN0?? Darklord Zerato (Gold Rare)
  • GLD4-EN0?? Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter (Gold Rare)

    Author: cyberknight8610

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