Dark Magician Girls? :Darkside of Dimensions Movie

We have a picture of how Dark Magician Girl will look in the Yugioh Darkside of Dimensions Movie. Also it’s been revealed that Yugi will have two new Dark Magician Girl cards named Apple Magician Girl and Lemon Magician Girl. We don’t have their effects yet but, they will get figures made of them.


Here is Lemon Magician Girl-


And here is Apple Magician Girl-


Also it says that Lemon Magician Girl and Apple Magician Girl will be made into figures by Kotobukiya.

lemon apple figures

This is the new Dark Magician Girl figure that will be available on March 2016. If you get the first edition of the figure you will also receive the Kuriboh figure in the picture below.

dmg figure

kuriboh figure


Author: cyberknight8610

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