Yugioh Astral Pack 1

Release Date: Very Soon

  • Ultimate Rares are really cool – so we tripled them! Each Astral Pack set will have 3 different Ultimate Rares.
  • All cards that would have been normal Rares have been upgraded to Super Rare – there will be 10 different Super Rares per set!
  • Since Super Rares are replacing Rares, the “1 rare card per pack” rule will now be “1 foil card per pack” (most of the time – manufacturing errors DO happen from time to time).
  • Set size increased to 25 cards.
  • There will be 1 new monster per set, like the old Normal Monsters. But it will be VERY hard to get.

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Card List / Spoiler-

  • AP01-EN001 Tsukuyomi                                           Ultimate Rare 
  • AP01-EN002 Debris Dragon                                     Ultimate Rare 
  • AP01-EN003 Photon Thrasher                                Ultimate Rare 
  • AP01-EN004 Flamvell Firedog                                Super Rare
  • AP01-EN005 Genex Undine                                      Super Rare 
  • AP01-EN006 Kagemusha of the Six Samurai     Super Rare 
  • AP01-EN007 Inzektor Centipede                           Super Rare 
  • AP01-EN008 Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit             Super Rare 
  • AP01-EN009 Terraforming                                       Super Rare 
  • AP01-EN010 Moray of Greed                                  Super Rare 
  • AP01-EN011 Mask Change                                        Super Rare 
  • AP01-EN012 Hidden Armory                                  Super Rare 
  • AP01-EN013 The Gates of Dark World                Super Rare 
  • AP01-EN014 Chain Dog                                            Common 
  • AP01-EN015 Dragon Ice                                          Common 
  • AP01-EN016 Cyber Shark                                        Common 
  • AP01-EN017 Swift Scarecrow                                Common 
  • AP01-EN018 Elemental HERO Ice Edge            Common 
  • AP01-EN019 Mystical Sand                                    Common 
  • AP01-EN020 Spiritual Forest                                Common 
  • AP01-EN021 Closed Forest                                    Common 
  • AP01-EN022 Shrine of Mist Valley                     Common 
  • AP01-EN023 Thunder of Ruler                             Common 
  • AP01-EN024 Fuh-Rin-Ka-Zan                               Common 
  • AP01-EN025 Astral Barrier                                   Common



Author: cyberknight8610

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