2012 Wave 1 Yugioh Tins

Release: August 14,2012
No news on what the cover cards or promos yet.
Each Tin Includes-
  • (3) Photon Shockwave Booster Packs
  • (2) Galactic Overlord Booster Packs
  • (4) Super Rare Cards
  • (1) Secret Rare Card

Heroic Champion Excalibur Tin


  • 1 Secret Rare card: Heroic Champion – Excalibur
  • 1 Super Rare card: Blizzard Princess
  • 1 Super Rare card: Wind-Up Zenmaines
  • 1 Super Rare card: Wind-Up Rabbit
  • 1 Super Rare card: Evolzar Laggia


Evolzar Dolkka Tin


  •  1 Secret Rare card: Evolzar Dolkka
  • 1 Super Rare card: Dark Highlander
  • 1 Super Rare card: Wind-Up Zenmaines
  • 1 Super Rare card: Scrap Dragon
  • 1 Super Rare card: Genex Neutron


Author: cyberknight8610

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  • bey280

    first and hopefully there will be some good promos

  • Sa5m

    Is this for Return of the Duelist or Galactic Overlord. Anyway I still can’t wait!

  • http://youtube.com/user/shadowdarkone1 shadowdakone1

    Maybe, it’s Neo Galaxy-Eyes or No.C39 Tin….

  • j9k

    let’s get some tour guides and D.D. crows for promos

  • http://google.com Daphne Starke

    I yu gi oh cards.

  • ehero absolute zero

    I would like to see a number 39 Utopia Ray I know some people wouldn’t want that but I think it would make it easier for some people to complete their deck but I mainly am a elemental hero deck user cuz their my favs anyways peace

  • Bobby

    Neo-Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon would be a good guess, but I do not believe that Utopia Ray would be a tin because it is basically a pumped up junk warrior if you know what I mean. (Junk warrior -> Utopia) It could also be something different because when the Leviathan Dragon tin came out, it was paired up with Wind-up Zen Meister. So the second tin could be N.32 Shark Drake. Oh, and Shark Drake will also have a C. form like Utopia. As for the four extra promos, I have no idea what they could be, but it will not be a D.D. crow (because you can get those in the Emperor Structure deck), any tour guides or buses (they are too new), no XYZ (that is like giving away synchros in the 1st 5Ds tin), I can guarantee you that there will be at least one card in each tin that you might not be crazy for. It always happens. You will get 1 past Shonen Jump exclusive (Galaxy Eyes tin: Malefic Stardust Dragon Illumiknight tin: The Tyrant Neptune). By the way, if you are also a Shonen Jump Alpha subscriber and have not yet received your promo card, you have to update your shipping address on your viz manga account I believe. Thanks for reading :)

  • lore

    Tour guide already has a scheduled reprint in epic battle pack, and d.d. crow is already reprinted in the mega packs

  • Sa5m

    I think this is return of the duelist tins – I think one of them is heroic champion excalibur, and the other is probably number 33: OOPArts super weapon. If Galactic Overlord though I think it will probably be Neo Galaxy eyes and Number 32: Shark Drake.

  • number hunter

    i think the promos are going to be heroic champion excalibur (Return of the Duelist)and numberC32 shark drake vice (Abyss rising)

  • Photon Knight

    I think wave 1 will be heroic champion excalibur and Number 33 OOPArts super weapon-machu mach

  • Kaito Tenjo

    1 of the tins 100% will be Excalibur but the other 1 will be Number 33: OOPArts Super Weapon – Machu Mach i’m sure ;)

  • Photoperative

    Definitely those 2!

  • http://yahoo.com jonh garcia

    hey bobby your wrong because heroic champions are in the tin

  • http://yahoo.com jonh garcia

    hey number hunter numberC32 shark drake vice is there still making it and its going to make months before they release it in ENGLISH

  • Shadowdarkone1

    My guess for next CTin is No.9: Canopy Star – Dyson Sphere.

  • danilo

    i want utopia intin and obelist god tin!

  • Photon Knight

    in wave 2 it will be number c32 shark drake vice and
    Number 9: Canopy Star – Dyson Sphere or Number 8: Heraldry King Genome Heriter

  • http://google.com Daphne Starke

    I will win yu gi oh cards today.

  • leo

    i heard that one promo will be wind-up zeinmaines

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/braxtoncomix BraxtonComix

    I hope E-HERO Escuridao gets printed as a Promo. North America hasn’t gotten it easily, so it should be a Promo for sure!!

  • Jonny

    Come on gustaph just for the trolls, I mean they just reprinted dolkka so let’s hope xD

  • Devinedragoon

    Where did u see that at Leo?

  • Grapha

    I hope the promos would be:
    D.D. Crow, Maxx “C”, Tour Guide, or Zenmaines

  • Marco

    I was on the wikia and the dollar tins was showing rescue rabbit, laggia, sabersaurus, and kalbasul, reprints as supers int the tin

  • pakogerte

    eh vieja me vas a dejar pobre .XD

  • dj p p

    rabbit reprint I hope so

  • MJJacoby

    I think these are good cards but i hope the supers can help all decks unlike Dolkka. but anyway these tins look good from the cards they have

  • http://universegameingonline.wordpress.com A7XRobRacoonA7X

    I would love to see a reprint of an X-Saber card.

  • Rino Dabbit

    The rumor is that the supers for dolkka tin are Rabit,Laggia,Kabauzuls,Sabersaurus and the supers for heroic champion are black rose,shooting quasar,catastor,and REDMD

  • dragunity96

    basicaly its everything u need to build rabbits (minus darkhole, heavy storm ect)

  • Devinedragoon

    Looks like leo called it actually now to see what the rest will be :)

  • http://Www.clubpenguinmasterscp.wordpress.com Double Mvp

    I don’t really have the money for all of the awesome products coming out haha, so I’m glad Zenmainesis in both tins. :) Hopefully I can get atleast pne tin!

    -Double Mvp

  • http://vai-a-porra akaledo

    I believe that a photon ll be a super (absolutelie)

  • http://vai-a-porra akaledo

    Or a blue eyes support reprint

  • Grapha

    I’m hoping for Tour Guide, I mean I know it’s in Battle Pack, but it’s a rare, and as a Starfoil it’s even rarer.

  • Anonymous

    wind-up rabbit awesome

  • Anonymous

    now my wind-up deck will be complete!