Yugioh Heroclix Blue-Eyes White Dragon Figure

 The Blue-Eyes White Dragon has been revealed for the Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix Series 1 starter set!

Due out in December 2013, the Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series One starter allows fans to duel as they have never before – on the tabletop with HEROCLIX! That’s not all — 55 more figures will release in February 2014!


Blue-Eyes White Dragon maneuvers into position for a ranged attack thanks to Running Shot, which allows Blue-Eyes White Dragon to move up to half its speed value and then take advantage of its 7 range.

A healthy run of Penetrating/Psychic Blast on its initial clicks ensures that Blue-Eyes White Dragon’s ranged attacks will cut through any pesky damage-reducing defense powers on successfully hit targets.

Speaking of damage-reducing powers, Blue-Eyes White Dragon enjoys protection from damage on its opening clicks thanks to Impervious, which gives Blue-Eyes White Dragon a chance to reduce all damage dealt to it to 0!

Mid-dial Impervious gives way to Invulnerability (-2 to damage dealt to Blue-Eyes White Dragon), and then to Toughness (-1 to damage dealt to Blue-Eyes White Dragon) towards the end of its dial.

Switching back to the offense, mid-dial we see that Blue-Eyes White Dragon changes tactics slightly as Running Shot gives way to Hypersonic SpeedHypersonic Speedallows Blue-Eyes White Dragon to move up to its speed value and make a close or ranged combat attack at any point during its movement! (Just remember that ranged attacks will be at half range because Blue-Eyes White Dragon is moving so fast – it’s harder to aim at Hypersonic Speed!)

Blue-Eyes White Dragon also gains Energy Explosion mid-dial, which is super-helpful when facing clusters of opposing characters. Blue-Eyes White Dragon can use Energy Explosion to attack not only its chosen target, but to also potentially damage figures around its target as well!

Ranged Combat Expert gives the Blue-Eyes White Dragon another weapon in its ranged combat arsenal as well. The ability to modify its attack and/or damage (for a total of +2 between the two combat values) allows Blue-Eyes White Dragon to adapt to the needs of the moment and best take advantage of its ranged attack.

At 150 points, Blue-Eyes White Dragon brings durability and great damage output to your HeroClix team. Event better, thanks to a healthy run of Leadership on its dial, Blue-Eyes White Dragon can potentially earn your HeroClix team an extra action and remove a token from an adjacent friendly figure (so long as the other figure is 150 points or less).

Blue-Eyes White Dragon will work well on a variety of HeroClix team strategies, but its“Seto Kaiba” and Light keywords can be used for themed team builds.


Author: cyberknight8610

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