Yugioh Heroclix Hitotsu-Me Giant Figure

Hitotsu-Me Giant has been revealed for the Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix Series 1 starter set!

Due out in December 2013, the Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series One starter allows fans to duel as they have never before – on the tabletop with HEROCLIX! That’s not all — 55 more figures will release in February 2014!


The Hitotsu-Me Giant begins the game by bringing the fight directly to the opposing force thanks to Charge, which allows the Hitotsu-Me Giant to move up to half its speed value and make a close combat attack at the end of its movement.

The Hitotsu-Me Giant also possesses Super Strength which means as it moves in for the attack, it can pick up an object on the battlefield and use that in an attack against an opposing figure for more damage!

Some early-dial Invulnerability grants the Hitotsu-Me Giant some protection against damage (-2 to damage dealt to the Hitotsu-Me Giant) while Battle Fury allows the Hitotsu-Me Giant to ignore Mind Control and Incapacitate attacks as well as any Shape Change that the target of its attack may be trying to use.

Mid-dial the Hitotsu-Me Giant still has Super Strength but trades in its Charge for Flurry, meaning that it can make up to two close combat attacks per turn (either against the same target or two different targets if applicable).

It’s at this point in the dial that the Hitotsu-Me Giant loses Invulnerability and gains Toughness instead, which reduces damage dealt by -1 instead. However, while its damage reduction goes down, its damage output goes up thanks to Close Combat Expert! Close Combat Expert gives you the choice to modify either the Hitotsu-Me Giant’s attack and/or damage values (for a total of +2 between the two values), allowing the Hitotsu-Me Giant to best adapt to the needs of the moment.

The final power we see on the Hitotsu-Me Giant ‘s dial is Regeneration, which gives it the potential to heal up to four clicks! The Hitotsu-Me Giant can potentially heal up to its second click thanks to Regeneration!

However, that’s not all! Players using the Hitotsu-Me Giant have two options on how they prefer to use the Hitotsu-Me Giant in their HeroClix games: as a 100 point figure or as a 10 point Spell/Trap(denoted by the bear trap symbol on its character card). Don’t worry; if you choose to play the Hitotsu-Me Giant as a 100 point character, you still gain the Spell/Trap ability if the Hitotsu-Me Giantis knocked out (“K.O.’ed”).

The Hitotsu-Me Giant‘s Spell/Trap ability allows you to give a power action to another friendly figure and turn the Hitotsu-Me Giant’s dial so either the Spell or Trap symbol is showing. You’ll want to hide this choice from your opponent by placing the combat dial face down on the friendly figure’s character card.

Whenever your chosen effect would be triggered, you flip the Hitotsu-Me Giant Spell/Trap combat dial up and reveal it to your opponent, and then follow the effects described on the Hitotsu-Me Giant’s character card.

But wait, how can you place your Hitotsu-Me Giant’s combat dial face down on the character card in the first place? Well, the Hitotsu-Me Giant is a SwitchClix, which means you can remove the Hitotsu-Me Giant sculpt from the combat dial base thanks to a special locking mechanism!


Author: cyberknight8610

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