You-Go Builder Review

Hey guess its TheNACOMAN222 it’s been a while but lets get right into it. Easiest way to describe the app is a dueling network on the go. When you click on the app you get a cool picture with a Yugi hair theme logo and then BOOM! The world of Yu-gi-oh deck building is at the touch of your fingertips. This app is great for in school were you got free time. When you’re waiting for class to start make your extra deck. At lunch make your main deck. It also has one of my favorite features. When you search a card you get to see the average price. This is great for locals at locals and don’t want to get scammed for a 50 dollar card for a 10 dollar card look up the card (as long as you have internet) and you see the price and you instantly have a way to protect yourself from bad trading. This app also has live stream of Yu-gi-oh news from So now it comes down to the main question is this app worth the buy. In my opinion I believe this is due to the amount of features and the ability to build a deck on the go. Thanks guys for reading this, this has been TheNACOMAN222 from later guys.

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