Rainbow Dragon Review

Crystal beasts are not as competitive as they used to be but they may become great again once the new naturias and all the beast support are legal. Enough on that let’s get on to rainbow dragon.

Rainbow dragon is a 10 star 4000 attack and 0 defense dragon effect type monster so watch out for shield and sword. This card is optional to run in crystal beast it may need all seven crystal beasts to summon but if you had two in your hand you could play both at once for a possible otk!! For instance you could have one dragon sed all crystal beasts from your field to the grave and attack with one strong dragon and a lesser strong dragon. Then remove the beasts sent from your field and any others already in your grave from play to clear the field sending the cards back to the owner’s deck and or extra deck.

Rainbow dragon is a great card with lots of ways to pull it to your hand like rainbow gravity and crystal path. I would run this card at 1 in a crystal beast deck or a synchro build like I run and I would like to see some rainbow dragon otks or ftks.

Rating 9.5/10

Written by Littlegrimmie1

Posted by cyberknight8610

Author: cyberknight8610

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