The 12,000,000 Yugioh Card Black Luster Soldier

“A powerful warrior with the same capabilities as the legendary “Blue-Eyes White Dragon”.”

This Black Luster Soldier is from the First Yugioh Tournaments as the main prize card. This card is of course illegal for tournament play as most Championship Prize cards. Black Luster Soldier in this version of the card is also unplayable too because Black Luster Soldier was first released as a Ritual monster. This renders the card unplayable. The price is the real crazy thing, although most prize cards can fetch Thousands at most this card is for sell at the price of  999,800,000 yen, which is equal to 12,733,052.88 us dollars! Of course this is a crazy asking price as an item is only worth what a person is willing to play but, this is still astonishing. This Black Luster Soldier is also printed on metal (stainless steel) instead of paper, this is another reason why this card is so crazy. There is also only 1 of these cards in the world. It is even rare than the “Tyler the Great Warrior” card, since there is rumored to be 3 copies of “Tyler the Great Warrior”  2 of them being printed for Konami and 4Kids.

The card is for Sale here

Author: cyberknight8610

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