Megamorph Card Review

Hello duelists! I know everyone is super excited about Black Luster Solider – Envoy of the Beginning coming back into our hands, and for those of us who have it are even happier that we don’t have to pay ridiculous prices for it! However, I do believe one of the most overlooked cards to come back is Megamorph. This seemingly harmless card that most pay no heed to may be a game changing option. Why you ask? For quite a few reasons beginning with the first: Easy OTK access.

-Alright, so you’re playing a good game, you’re taking down your opponent hitting their life points, you have let us say 2 monsters and one back row because we all fear that heavy storm, and now your opponent hits you with dark hole, and mystical space typhoon, then applies Megamorph to a monster with between 3000 attack [Say Black Luster], or worse they say oh yeah I’m running Malefics / Machina/ Meklord, any deck that uses Malefic End Dragon, and place it on the field with their field spell and equip Megamorph to it. That’s game over folks minus a battle fader or Waboku / Threatening Roar for an answer. So it’s pretty steep to think such a power house card would come back.

-Alright well, now the obvious is out of the way, how about Megamorph’s second ability: If your Lifepoints are higher, the equipped monster’s original attack is halved. Here’s the thing, you can use equip spells on your opponent’s monsters. This leads us to very powerful combos, remember that stardust dragon, and remember how all of use love using Blackwing – Gale The Whirlwind on it to save ourselves? The same thing applies to Megamorph. Most of us will say “Well what about shrink.” The thing is Shrink is an okay card, but it’s normally set and thus weak to such cards as heavy storm, mystical space typhoon, and a variety of other spell and trap destruction in the game. Megamorph has more versatility depending upon life points which can really save you. It can open the window to many powerful combos, and even a one shot attack to take the game. Likewise combo it with something as ridiculous as limiter removal and go for the game even more so than before! I would really take a careful look at this card if you’re going to play big monsters with high attack points. It may just give you the game faster than you could win previously.

-Well that’s all for now, hope you enjoyed the article and hope it was useful! Take care, and remember always duel with respect, honor, and courage. Until next time then.

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Author: cyberknight8610

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