Ally of Justice Field Marshal Review

The newest Level 9 Synchro Monster is here! Ally of Justice Field Marshal! Field Marshal is a new Synchro Monster who made its debut in Hidden Arsenal 2. It is a Level 9 DARK Machine-Type with 2900 ATK and 2600 DEF! However, this card’s power isn’t the only thing that makes it a good Synchro for your Extra Deck!

A key point of this card is its effect. When Field Marshal destroys a face-down monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard, you get to draw a card from your Deck! This card’s large amount of ATK points will keep your opponent on the defensive, allowing you use Field Marshal’s effect while destroying your opponent’s defense! This card’s effect also works well with Book of Moon.

Just be careful not to attack into your opponent’s Ryko or a card that’ll destroy Field Marshal because Field Marshal can’t be Special Summoned except by Synchro Summon. So you can’t revive him with Monster Reborn or Call of The Haunted. If you have room you should definitely try to fit a copy of Ally of Justice Field Marshal in your Extra Deck!

Written by Pokemonking3000

Posted by Cyberknight8610

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Author: cyberknight8610

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