What is REALLY Means to be a Budget Player?

Sup people from the interwebs, my name is George (AKA MachinaGadgetGuy on YT), and I just wanted to explain to everyone what being on a tight Yu-Gi-Oh Budget means. This means you obviously can’t afford those Tour Guides or those Rabbits (then again most people can’t). But it also means you don’t play this game for the money, it means you play it for the fun of it. You see, nowadays, this game is all about who has the most money. Sure those occasional budget players top a regional, or maybe even a YCS, that’s because they have MAJOR skill, and also those occasional luck sacks, buy the only thing you see nowadays are plants,  dino rabbit spam, plants, chaos, plants, anti-meta, oh and did I forget to mention plants?

That’s another thing, if you’re good, even on a major budget (like yours truly) then it means you have MAJOR skill as well. I mean, you could give anyone a plant deck and they could top a YCS, but only the best of the best could go win a YCS with a, well I don’t know, a Machina Gadget Deck (insert dash of sarcasm here) and Top 32 (props to Carl Waite) or even win! So if you’re on a budget, don’t get down on yourself that you can’t win, you just need time, experience, and a little luck on your side! If you ever need a good budget deck, then just head on over to my channel and I’ll treat any budget player well! Thanks for reading this mini article and shoutout to Cyberknight8610 if you post this, because you’re awesome!

Author: cyberknight8610

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