Gen-Con 2011

This year at Gen-Con as usual there was another yugioh event that many people used as to have fun and not play very competitively and to enjoy it but also used it to test new decks and the new xyz monsters. This years winner was playing a Tour Guide from the Underworld Synchro with as expected the plant engine and Tengu and also supports the reason why the plant engine got hit this ban list. This also furthers the fact that Tour guide and Tengu triplets and the 5 plant card combo is so splash-able into any deck.

Tour Guide from the Underworld was a key card this year because 9 of the top 16 decks used Tour Guide from the Underworld. This card when released was originally $60 dollars and now has sky rocketed to 100 plus dollars due to the play of Tour Guide from the Underworld to get Sangan to xyz into Genosaurus and now with the release of Generation force into other rank 3’s.

Another popular deck at Gen Con this year is the Offering Gadgets or Tengu gadgets. These decks use ultimate offering to get gadgets out and xyz in to Utopia and now in Generation force Steelsworn Roach. A variant of this deck had won the world championship. 2 of 16 people that topped played this deck

A card that we all new would make an impact was T.G Hyper Librarian. 11 of the topping 16 decks ran this and I had expected this due to the amount of hype

The last deck to cover is Malefics. They get rid of cards out of there extra deck and then use skill drain to swarm the field with 4000 beater while have gear town on the field so if that goes they get a 3000 beater. This Deck had 2 of 16 spots

Well that’s about it for Gen con this yea a lot of interesting decks developing in the format already and it seems like a good way to start the year

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Author: cyberknight8610

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