B2-02 Mighty Mage

B2-02 Mighty Mage
ATK: 30
Def: 20
HP: 50
Level: 4

Monster Type: Spellcaster
Movement: Normal
Special Ability: This monster can attack an opposing monster that is two squares away.
When you Summon this monster, you can move up to two Dungeon Pieces on the Field even if they have monsters on them. When you replace the Pieces, they must touch at least one side of a previously placed Dungeon Piece without overlapping. You cannot remove a path to your Monster Lord.
Cost: 1 Magic Crest
Pro: This monster can completely change the game by moving the dungeon path. It can also attack monsters two squares away.
Con: It’s level four so it is hard to summon and has low Def

Author: cyberknight8610

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