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Battle Pack 3 : Monster League

Release Date: July 25th, 2014 This fall, a new draft season will kick off...

Yugioh Figma Figurines from Good Smile Company

Release Date: Unconfirmed It’s looks like the Good Smile Company will...

The New Challengers (TCG)

Release Date: November 7 2014 Konami Digital Entertainment Inc is proud to...

The Secret of Evolution (OCG)

Release Date: November 15 2014 The latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Official Card...

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Yugioh News Recap 7/28/14 Art Book, Figures, & New Packs

Yugioh News Recap 7/28/14 Art Book, Figures, & New Packs

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Hope you all enjoyed the video let's see if we can get 400 LIKES! Remember to Subscribe for more Yu-Gi-Oh! Videos! While I was gone a lot of yugioh news happened so I made one video to talk about everything that was announced/ revealed.What news are you most excited about? I hope you all enjoy! ------------------------------------ TCG: Yugioh Art Book English Release (TCG)- Yugioh 5Dâs Legendary Collection Box (Box Art)- The Duelist Alliance Aburning Abyss Cards Revealed- The New Challengers (TCG)- Battle Pack 3 New Cards Revealed- OCG: The Secret of Evolution (OCG)- Yugioh Figma Figurines from Good Smile Company- ------------------------------------------------------------ My Pokemon / Gaming Channel- Cardfight Vanguard / Future Card Buddyfight Channel- Instagram- Cyberknight8610 Facebook Page- Yugitube Forums- My Yugioh Website- ------------------------------------ Music from Anime Avatar created by hero_of_art

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